About Us

A1 Diesel Africa is BOSCH certified service of repair fuel systems.

WIth a special computer stand BOSCH our centre will quickly make problem analysis of an interested detail and offer a diesel engine repair and solve problems for trucks, cars and special machinery.


Actually the number of diesel vehicles is growing steadily. Significantly reduced fuel consumption and lower price compared to gasoline, high endurance, comparatively easy maintenance to quality of fuel are crucial factors for choosing a vehicle equipped with diesel engine.


At the same time tardy and improper maintenance, initial worn of engine of a used car with mileage usually lead to breakage of its units and components, or damage them. Consequently both economy car and luxury car owners are forced to face the need to diagnose, repair and adjustment of diesel engines. 


Our specialists constantly upgrade their skills completing training, receiving certifications, experience and knowledge of their work. Our repair centre for A1 Diesel Africa one may describe by three words “TEAMWORK”, “EFFICIENCY”, “QUALITY”. Forasmuch as the purpose of the company in addition of availability of a specialist team for engine repair and good service, is to earn the trust of a customer by offering the necessary services that meet the customer’s needs:

  • professional diagnosis;

  • quality spares;

  • reliable repair of fuel systems and engines.


Repair in our centre – it is a pledge of reliability, supported by warranties. The Company invest his time and money to ensure the quality by leading continuous monitoring: in the process of diagnosis, during repairs of diesel engines or fuel systems and at the moment of handing over fulfilled customer orders. This is not only to comply with standards but also for the centre A1diesel Africa could be always informed about new wishes and requirements of the customers.


Regular investigation of the needs of our customers and partners enables the Company to quickly find new solutions for the customer that expands the scope of activity of the Company. Pricing policy of the centre for repair of diesel engines and fuel systems A1diesel Africa provides pricing flexibility for repair and troubleshooting. It is ensured by highly automated processes, the effectiveness of the latest equipment and individual approach to each customer.


Our diesel repair and diagnostic centre is also looking for ways to expand the market segment, so the Company is constantly increasing and developing business relations and cooperation with companies in various fields.